General information
Critical Illness Insurance
provides a lump sum
cash benefit to spend as you choose should you
experience a life-threatening illness or a severe injury.
Many people are surprised to learn the average age of
critical illness insurance claimants is 47. The statistics
show that 80% of the mortgage foreclosures in Canada
are caused by an illness in the family!
In coping with a critical illness, you would face choices
concerning your recovery. Treatment, lifestyle adaptation,
and one-time,transitional costs could exceed government
health care coverage and could erode your disability
income or your savings.
If you experienced one of the life-altering illnesses
covered by Critical Illness Insurance, you would receive a  
lump sum cash benefit to spend in any way you choose,
for example to:
  • Fund treatment, therapies or adaptive equipment
    not fully covered by provincial health care plans;
  • Reduce or eliminate outstanding debts, allowing
    you to focus on recovery instead of financial
  • Provide for home care, child care, or other
    expenses during recuperation.
The underwriting requirements for Critical Illness
Insurance are more restrictive than those for Life
Contact me to check if you would qualify to
apply for Critical Illness Insurance. I will determine your
needs for Critical Illness Insurance and explain you how it
works. The covered conditions, the definitions of the
covered illnesses, the additional benefits, the payment
and the return of the premiums vary considerably from
one insurance company to another and between the
different insurance contracts. Always ask for help from a
qualified professional! I proud myself to have in depth
knowledge of this complicated type of insurance and I
would be happy to share it with you.
Critical Illness
Always Ask for the Best!
Lifecheque Basic from Manulife

Manulife's Lifecheque Basic Critical Illness
Insurance offers:
- Coverage for 5 major illnesses including cancer, heart
disease, stroke, aeortic surgery and coronary artery
bypass surgery.
- Lump sum payments of $25,000, $50,000 or $75,000
with a Return of Premium option.
- Coverage for applicants between the ages of 18 and 75.

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, to get a quote and to apply on-line click the
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