Disability insurance provides financial protection to an
individual who becomes unable to work because of a
health impairment - injury and/or sickness.

If purchased with after-tax money Disability Insurance pays a
tax-free benefit during the insured individual's life time,
provided he/she remains totally disabled as per the policy's

For the majority of working age Canadians, their greatest
asset is their ability to work and earn money! See the
following example:
You are 40 years old and you own a $500,000 home. When
asked what is your biggest asset, you proudly answer - "My
home!" At the same time you earn annually $65,000. For the
remaining 25 years until you reach age 65, with just 2%
annual increase of your income, you will earn
over 2 million
Hence, the correct answer is: "Your ability to work
and produce income! It is four times more valuable than your

Disability Insurance is extremely important but is far less
popular than Life Insurance. The two main reasons are:

  • more stringent medical and financial underwriting
  • much more complicated - making it more difficult for
    both agents and clients to understand it.

I specialize in all living benefits types of insurance, including
Disability Insurance, and urge you to
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My preferences at this point go to the Disability Insurance
offered by Canada Life and by Manulife Financial.
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