Disclosure and Privacy Policy
Tchavdar Elenkov, MBA, CHS
Insurance and Financial Advisor

Confidentiality: During the course of our professional
relationship, it will be necessary for the client to provide a variety
of very personal financial and medical information. The quality of
the work undertaken on behalf of the client requires this personal
information to be accurate and complete.
I commit that all information will be held in strictest confidence and
that no information shall be divulged about the client's personal
situation to any outside organization or government agency
without the client's prior consent, unless as may be required by
law. It is further understood that in accordance with the Personal
Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA),
the client directly authorizes and instructs me to maintain
information of a personal and private nature that could
reasonably be considered pertinent or necessary in the provision
of financial and insurance advice until such time as requested by
the client in writing to destroy such information.

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of confidentiality or security.
Information provided by you through my site is used for business
purposes only in order to service your needs as a
Disclosure and
Privacy Policy
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