Employee Group Benefits is definitely my preferred type of
insurance. The main reason for this is that Group Insurance
reaches out and covers a lot of people that otherwise
would never benefit from insurance coverage.
What are the Benefits for you, your family, your business
and your employees of setting up a Group Benefits Plan?
See for yourself by watching this
Group Insurance includes:
  • Life insurance (fixed amount or based on annual
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    Insurance (usually the same amount as the Life
  • Extended Health Coverage (medical services not
    covered by the provincial health plan OHIP, like
    prescription drugs, chiropractors, massages,
    podiatrists, vision care and many others);
  • Dental Coverage;
  • Short Term Disability and
  • Long Term Disability.
In addition to the great importance to have this
comprehensive coverage
for yourself and your family
another great feature is that the premiums for the
insurance are paid by the company and are deducted from
the company's income as
tax deductible expense, and
they are
not a taxable benefit to the employee. It means
that if you are the owner of a business, where the only two
employees are you and your wife
*, instead of drawing
money from the business, paying taxes on it and then
paying your dental bills, you could buy Group Insurance,
pay the premiums from the business as a tax deductible
expense and the insurance will cover your dental bills. I
repeat, the premium paid by the business is not a taxable
benefit to you. The tax saving goes directly into your

I can help you set up a Group Benefits Program with any
insurance company. Of course, the majority of the Group
Benefits Plans I set up is with the largest insurance
companies in Canada - Manulife Financial and Sun Life

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* In order to get a Group Benefits Plan from Sun Life
Financial, Great West Life or any company other than
Manulife Financial you need to have at least three members.
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