Always Ask for the Best!
In case you and your family do not have an employer's
Group Benefits Plan you are exposed to significant
medical expenses that are not covered by OHIP
(Ontario Health Insurance Plan), for example:

  • prescription medications;
  • dental expenses;
  • professional services - chiropractors, massage
    therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech
    therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists, audiologists,
    dietitians, osteopaths, podiatrists;
  • vision care - exams and glasses (lenses or laser eye
  • hearing aids;
  • private duty nursing;
  • out of hospital laboratory tests, ultrasound tests, MRI
  • orthopaedic shoes;
  • artificial limbs;
  • blood glucose monitors;
  • casts, splints, trusses, braces or crutches

I would not recommend a do-it-yourself approach when it
comes to choosing your Health & Dental insurance plan.I
personally prefer to talk to an electro engineer even before
buying a toaster. A comparison based solely on price
could be extremely misleading. It is my job to do an in-
depth analysis of all components of the covered services,
coinsurance, limits, claims etc.
The insurance company
will not give you a better price for buying the
insurance directly from them without using the
services of an advisor!
 So, please do your shopping
around, but do not forget to
contact me to double-check
your findings.
Health and
Manulife Financial offers Health, Dental and Extended
Health Care benefits with the following options:
  • Coverage for Individuals and Families
  • Coverage for those who are self-employed or those
    whose group benefits have been terminated
offers 7 different health and dental plans (3 of which are
guaranteed issue) and many add-on benefits so that you
design a health plan that best meets your specific
For more information on Flexcare insurance, to get a quote
and to apply on-line click the following link:

offers 4 guaranteed issue plans which are designed to
"bridge the gap" for people who are leaving a group plan
due to job loss or retirement so that their health and dental
coverage is not interrupted. As long as you apply within 60
days of leaving your group plan, you are guaranteed
acceptance with FollowMe.
For more information on FollowMe insurance, to get a quote
and to apply on-line click the following link:
Association Health and Dental plans
offer 8 different plan choices with options for Dental only and
Dental + Drug benefits.
more information on the Association Health and Dental
, to get a quote and to apply on-line click the following