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Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness Insurance for
Cancer Survivors

You are a cancer survivor. Congratulations! You won the
battle against cancer!

In that battle you and your loved ones managed to face the
expenses not covered by OHIP. You understand perfectly well
the importance of Critical Illness Insurance. You know it pays a
tax-free amount at the right time, when money is most
needed, when you must concentrate on fighting the illness,
and not the financial problems associated with it.
Unfortunately, now no insurance company would
consider you eligible for Critical Illness Insurance.
least, that's what you heard.

Wrong! You can buy up to $50,000 Critical Illness
Insurance no questions asked, and it will cover you for
23 illnesses, including any other type of cancer. What is
more, it will cover even the type of cancer that you had
before you purchased this policy, if you stay treatment
free for 60 months before your claim. And notice –
“treatment” does not include preventive medications
and follow-up visits to the doctor! Isn’t that amazing?
Of course, as with any other Critical Illness Insurances, no
benefit is payable for cancer diagnosed in the first 90 days
after you purchase or reinstate your insurance. This is
standard in the industry. This insurance has many more
wonderful features!

The entire process of purchasing this insurance is done on a
non-face-to-face basis. On the phone, on Skype, Webex,
Viber, Zoom, whatever is your preferred way of
communication. You will sign the application by email and
receive your policy directly from the insurance company.

Remember, my services are 100% free of charge to you!
You get the benefit of my advice of a Certified Health
Insurance Specialist with 18-year long experience,
absolutely for free.
Reserve a time slot for our remote
session and I will help you setting up your protection.

My name isTchavdar (Charles) Elenkov, MBA, CHS. I work in the
financial services industry from 1979 till 2001 as a banker, and after that
as an independent insurance broker. I hold the professional designation
. I am a member in good
standing of the
Financial Advisors Association of Canada -
since September 30th 2002.
I am an independent Life and Accident & Sickness insurance broker
specializing in
Lifestyle Protection for individuals.
I am fluent in the English, French, Russian, Spanish, Serb -
Croatian and Bulgarian Languages.
I publish articles on insurance, investments and taxation issues in the
local media. I participate as well in radio broadcasts on these issues. My
clients benefit from the up-to-date stock markets, investment markets
and insurance industry's news contained in my
"Weekly Updates"
newsletter, which runs for more than 15 years now!
My clients have
most diverse ethnic origins - currently they originate
47 countries!